Summer brings changes to the opening hours of Kela’s customer service points

The largest customer service points will be open more or less normally in summer, but opening hours may change in some customer service points during the summer. In addition the corona epidemic may cause changes to opening hours. The safest way of handling your Kela-related matters is online or by phone. The telephone service will be open normally also in summer.

Kela strives to maintain a level of service in summer that is as good as the level reached now in spring. In April, a smaller average number of customers visited the customer service points than usually, and the focus has changed to telephone service. Thanks to the rapidly implemented exceptional arrangements the telephone service has functioned well; the waiting times have been short and it has been possible to get an appointment in a couple of days.

– We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers that the telephone service has functioned extremely well. Many people have been surprised at how handy it is and that by phone you can handle the same Kela-related matters as by visiting a customer service point, says Petteri Taponen, Director of Customer Relations (acting).

In summer, the largest customer service points in the town centres will be open during weekdays. Some customer service points will be open on certain weekdays and some customer service points only by appointment. In high summer, some of the smallest customer service points will be closed. You should always check the opening hours of the relevant customer service point on Kela’s website at the address

Because of the risk of infection and since some restrictions are still in force, guidance is available at service counters and access to the customer service points can be restricted if necessary. The public computers can be used and they are cleaned often. Due to the epidemic, there may also be changes to the opening hours and the services available with short notice.

– Do not visit the customer service point if you are ill or placed in quarantine. The safest way to handle Kela-related matters is online or by phone whenever possible.

In April, approximately one million applications were filed online, which is 72 % of all applications. The waiting time to Kela’s telephone service was on average 3 minutes, and approximately 8,200 calls were answered in one day. The availability of booked appointments was also good: an appointment for telephone service could be booked in a couple of days.

Opening hours in summer 2020

  • Kela’s telephone service in English is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.
  • Check the opening hours of service points in the customer service locator.