Reimbursements of travel costs

Kela provides reimbursement for part of the cost of trips made to public or private health care providers in connection with treatment, pregnancy or childbirth.

Kela also provides reimbursement for trips to a rehabilitation provider if the rehabilitation is based on a decision given by Kela or a public health care provider.

Costs in excess of a specified copayment are covered.

Nearest treatment provider

Reimbursements for travel costs are provided for trips from the customer's permanent address to the nearest treatment provider where the necessary treatment is available. Usually this means the main municipal health centre.

Lowest-cost means of transport

Travel costs are reimbursed on the basis of the lowest-cost means of transport, taking into account the customer's medical condition and the traffic connections.

If it is necessary for the patient to use a special means of transport, such as a taxi or the customer's own car, because of illness, serious impairment or traffic reasons, the reimbursement can be paid on the basis of the resulting costs

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